Just-in-Time Manufacturing with

Unit Level Personalization & Tracking

From Concept Through Use

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Extend your current ERP System to enable true one-off personalization of products.

Asset revision and approval, templated customization, personalization at scale

Multi-Company ERP integration that allows your ERP to handle mass customization with few or no changes

Single unit tracking through the entire supply chain, from art to consumer, via QR and proprietary codes

Facilitating single unit shipping at mass quantity production runs

Tailored tools that scale with your business integrations and partnerships

Geo Branding

Location Based Programs

They say "X" marks the spot, but what happens when the spot is all over the map? Let us show you how to execute the highest level of geography-specific packaging customization in the market today.

Highly targeted location based programs allow major brands to offer label customization down to a specific geographic location with each individual item in the order being trackable with its own unique code and data.


Product Co-Branding

Customized Co-Branded Labelling

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers really showed us what can happen when two powerful brands work together! By helping you unlock the value drivers that you and your partner brands bring to the table, we can help you develop and execute high-impact marketing strategies.

With co-branded labels brands have the opportunity to offer their products and packaging to partners customized to their business allowing for increased brand awareness of both the product and the business offering or serving it.

Product Variability

High Volume High Variability Products

One size definitely does not fit all in today's hyper competitive marketplace. Let us show you how to span the gap between the efficiencies of mass production and the sales lift and customer loyalty that come from mass customization.

Certain products and labels require very large runs of many different designs all being shipped to multiple locations, and our tools and tracking ability make this possible without any downtime between design batches.


Individualized Products

Unique to each customer

If a generic bottle of vitamins provides benefits to your customers, imagine what a personalized assortment of vitamins and supplements selected for each individual customer can do.

Leverage the power of digital printing to create individually unique labels that can directly be used to facilitate the fulfillment process. No additional labels required as each package is already unique and traceable. Not only can the label be used internally, but you can also use the same label for customer engagement and usage tracking.

How Our Customers

Benefit from Personalization


As we both know personalized products are the future, and the consumer demand for them is increasing daily. ERPmesh enables your brand to confidently offer your customers true personalization and customization by solving many of the issues currently holding you back. In the past attempting to offer personalization on products meant printing "one off" artwork with all of the additional design, proofing, printing, and special handling that goes along with that. With digital printing and ERPmesh we solve this issue with our software that will take personalized designs supplied by you, your customer, or dynamic customer data and automatically generate print-ready proofed artwork. The artwork is then slotted into an existing or already running printing process. Our tagging and tracking tools allow that customized product to be tracked through the entire process and alert your staff of location, status, and when it requires special handling.


You're profitable when the machines can "keep running", so short run customized products have been a challenge. With ERPmesh and our tracking system, customized print assets come back from the printer already slotted directly into a larger order, minimizing down time and switch over expenses. With the ability to track items at the unit level, and having customer specific data, individual products are able to be drop-shipped directly from your facilities, removing the need to be shipped to a logistics hub, cutting down time-to-deliver, and improving customer satisfaction.


Spend more time printing and less time setting up and proofing. ERPmesh profiles, calibrates, and proofs the artwork so customized art files arrive "print-ready". No more managing your customer's files through email, let ERPmesh manage artwork versions and the consolidation of customer files which include all digital die cutting templates, individual label tracking information, and any other special processing requirements.